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Physicians lease office space only a few times in their practice life, while hospitals and landlords lease space over and over again. You can level the playing field by working with a consultant who specializes in the health care real estate market.

Gundaker Commercial’s Health Care Group understands the complexities involved with the leasing of health care related properties. We have a “Physicians First” philosophy that is ingrained into our culture. Every aspect of our work uses this touchstone. Your medical staff and practice are as important to us as they are to you.

Our Group offers regional and local knowledge and unmatched expertise with health care related properties.  We are on your side and ensure we will find you the right space, get the best deal possible, and guarantee you avoid costly mistakes.

Meeting with the Health Care Group will assist you in answering the following important questions:

  • Are my current lease terms competitive with other physicians in the market?
  • Is my building projecting the image I want for my practice?
  • Is my staff productive in my current space?
  • Am I realizing the benefits from other practices in the building?
  • What can my practice do today if our lease will not expire for several years?
  • Am I ready to own my own building and take advantage of tax deductions, depreciation and improved margins?
  • How can a real estate consultant help me improve my practice?

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