Marketing Manager/ Compliance/ Brokerage Coordinator

Roxanne A. Bellistri

Roxanne has been with Gundaker Commercial Group since 2018 and is currently the Marketing Manager, Compliance, and Brokerage Coordinator in the Corporate and Brokerage Departments.

Prior to joining Gundaker Commercial Group, Roxanne started her career in real estate by supporting the brokerage department at Colliers Turley Martin Tucker starting in 2000 (Cassidy Turley – DTZ – Cushman Wakefield) and has continued to work in commercial real estate related fields for the last 23 years. During that time, Roxanne had offices in St. Louis, New York, and Chicago.

As an innovative marketing professional, she has earned a trusted reputation for collaboration and quality work. She is known for her eye to detail, whether it is for brochures, proposals, client presentations, marketing reports, maps, sale contracts, or leases. Roxanne has a variety of responsibilities that include but are not limited to;

Streamlining, creating, and editing all marketing materials and property listing materials. Maintaining all property signage to encourage potential buyers. Maintaining the  website content and tracking analytics to ensure all content is up to date and relevant. Update all social media platforms. Update and maintain any CRE databases including CoStar/Loopnet. Support the brokerage  department by tracking all incoming leads/prospects so marketing campaigns can be adjusted accordingly, onboard all new brokers and ensure they can transition into Gundaker Commercial smoothly. Ensure and maintain compliance with the MREC.

Roxanne enjoys spending time with her three sons, Jonathan, Jack, and Giovanni in her downtime. Jonathan is a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corp. and was  recently married. Jack is currently in middle school and is on the schools football and basketball teams. Giovanni is in third grade and enjoys playing for Rush soccer club. Roxanne also enjoys spending time with her two French bulldogs Bentley and Bear.


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